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Let's scale you up
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What Resonates With You?


The reason I'm here is for you and your business. Client goals are my main focus.

I’m Mike Huey. With more than 10 years of experience in scaling companies and 25 years in sales I know what is needed to help small businesses get to the next level in their corporate growth.

When I started in telemarketing, we had manual tracking sheets. We reached out to prospects and tried to convince them to buy from us. Today everything is different. Customers want to learn on their own and reach out to the companies that have what they want. Today’s high-performance sales organizations have highly sophisticated automated ways to attracting prospects and processing their requests. Those systems also create dashboards for busy executives who want to know everything in sales and marketing from:

  • How many leads are we getting?

  • What is my sales team’s close ratios?

  • What does our forecast look like – REALLY!

  • And the list goes on and on.

On the personal side, I love to hang out with my wife on the golf course, and when possible, travel to see my children and grandchildren. I stay inspired by donating my time to mentor young men and enjoy speaking at men’s conferences with the vision of positively impacting the next generation.

About You (an Me_

How Do You Know If
Scalable Sales Solutions
Is The Right Way To Go?

Ask Yourself These Two Questions:



"Mike led the scaling of my company from a single office in the Twin Cities to covering states from Minnesota to the East Coast. He tested marketing messages and created our sales process. He recruited, onboarded and managed the sales force holding them accountable to his systems. Mike became my right hand person and I know will do a great job guiding you as you scale your company."

GEOFF LADELL | Founder of Finish Line Floors


If you are looking for someone who can help you scale your sales efforts to the next level and understands the technology needed to do it, let’s connect. A brief 20-minute virtual meeting can help you learn if Scalable Sales Solutions is right for you.

Let's Connect

Let's Connect
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